Positively Long Beach

What does it mean to be sex-positive?

I was in a surreal daze up there on the stage in front of a ballroom full of students not forty minutes after I heard the news that Scott and I have a son. But it was a blast and I was really impressed with the students. Their questions were thoughtful and brave and allowed me to babble on about some of my fave subjects- sex and politics- and how they interact. There were also sex-positive books for sale and film screenings and workshops later in the day. Shira Tarrant, super saucy gender studies professor and dear friend of mine, moderated the panel. Afterwards, Shira, Ashleigh Klein, Amy Lee and myself railed against sex-negativity with radio host Glenn Zucman. I?ll post when a podcast is available.

Check out a blog about the event.

Check out my quote, dude.

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