Remember When You Used to Nap…

Monday January 19 was the first day that we actually got to take Tariku out of the care center and have him spend the afternoon with us at the guest house. They transition the children slowly, so we still had to bring him back at the end of the day, which was horrible.

Tariku was a sweet little angel those first couple of days and slept for long stretches. Knowing what I know now, I think he was probably traumatized. We’ve haven’t seen him nap like that since. But we did get a little preview of his life as the Wild Rocker of LA. Through our window, he heard the music from the Timkat festival and for the first time we saw his crazy little dance, where he shrieks with joy and shakes his whole body and sways his head like Stevie Wonder. We almost named him Tariku Wonder, but we stuck with Tariku Moon because he likes to dreamily stare at the sky and because he bangs on everything- like Keith Moon.

We spread blankets on the floor of the living room and Tariku played with his friends. It was so surreal to be an instant parent, sitting there on the floor with my kid and a bunch of toys he could care less about and wondering- what the hell does an eleven-month-old like to do anyway?

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