Dude, what time is band practice?

Tariku at Weezer rehearsal. He jammed on drums with the enigmatic daughter of our fearless leader. I’m convinced she’s the next Karen O.

T-Bone is living up to his middle name (Moon). Puzzles? Nope. Stuffed animals? No way. His small fleet of tiny vehicles? Mama, puhleeze. There is only one worthy toy genre- DRUMS DRUMS DRUMS!

As long as he doesn’t start throwing TVs out of the hotel room window into the pool…

One thought on “Dude, what time is band practice?

  1. It seems so appropriate that Finn had just asked to listen to Weezer before I looked at your blog (“Miss Sweeneyyyyy…”). All three kids walked/crawled over the computer when I said, “how cute!” and enjoyed looking at T-bone’s pictures.

    I hope the concert was fun. We wish we could have been there and can’t wait to see you all.

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