What Am I Forgetting?

Here is a found poem I assembled from the email correspondence surrounding my dear friend Jen’s bachelorette party:

What Am I Forgetting?

Here’s my list…
-A porn centerfold for us to do the pin the hunk game.
-A few random forks and knives with penises on the ends.
-tumblers and napkins
-chips and salsa
-coke + diet coke
-like 9 lbs.. of candy for the penisata!
-3 ft. blow up penis ring toss game
-penis candles for the cake
-penis garland
-penis gummy candy
-penis suckers + one big penis sucker for the bride
-a blow job certificate book if a boy wins a prize
-penis feather boa. she said “no veils” she didn’t say anything -about feather boas
-penis toilet paper
-penis wind up toys for the table
-clown porn (gay clown porn would be even awesomer) to print out for decorating the walls
-The boys at the store threw in some penis wrapping paper, should I use it and make a collection box?
-Also, should I make paper penises to do the words of advice thing?
-I have some “sex positions” drink picks, a peener ring toss game, and a slightly-used penis pinata. I am making post-it peeners for the pin-the-penis-on-the-hunk game — ppl can write their names on them.
-I have some tequila, I think. Should I get vodka? Any special mixers? more sparkly?
-I bought a brand new crock pot yesterday, so i’m gonna make a big batch of chili and i’ll get chips & fixins to go with.
-I’m also gonna make a couple batches of brownies.

-also we need those weird jelly penis things that you throw at the wall and they stick

-What am I forgetting?

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