Father and Son


On Father’s Day we got stranded on the West Side and let T-Bone run around in La Cienega Park before subjecting him to the endless car ride home. His latest thing is that he has no real interest in playgrounds or even in playing per se. He’s on a mission. He wants to walk. Once he picks a direction I have never seen such determination. He will not be derailed without a fight. He walks until he literally drops, then he lies down and smiles at the trees.

To me, this is at the top of the list of the many joys of life with T. I find myself sitting on the ground next to him and watching the edges of the palm fronds shine in the gold light of the sunset. For a minute, the world looks new. Even on La Cienega.

On this particular walk, T took a surprise turn into a baseball field and he and Scott ran around the bases until T was shrieking with laughter. T-Bone has the best daddy (commonly known as Dee-Doo or Dee-Dee). Really, he does.


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