Imagine Iran


In March of ’05 I was privileged enough to visit Iran with a group of fellow New College students. The remarkable warmth we, as a group of American tourists, encountered during our travels blasted my assumptions to pieces. The picture above is a group of schoolgirls who mobbed us with hugs and kisses in the seaside town of Bandar Bushehr. I think of them now when I look at pictures of the women protesting silently in the streets of Tehran. I am hoping that these girls will grow to see a more humane world than their mothers knew. I hope the same for my own son.



3 thoughts on “Imagine Iran

  1. hi. i don’t know if you really read this comment or not… i am an iranian girl who found your pic by chance… we are Iranians and we live in a more human world than you saw(i mean compare to Bandar booshehr) cuz we live in capital and in a bigger city than you visited…the thing i’m trying to say is that Iran has it’s own problems which are not few but here doesn’t suck that much….really.
    the place you have visited is one of the smallest and worst cities in iran booshehr is so bad that i haven’t even courage to go and visit.i wonder how could you guys do that:D:D:D

  2. They are not interested to show any real picture from modern cities in Iran and it’s part of their propaganda.

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