How Do You Feel About that Deadline?


I guess this blog is about to get more book-y, because I’ve been getting emails about things like the book jacket for the German translation of my memoir Some Girls (very saucy, those Germans). Staring down the barrel of my August 1 deadline is giving me hives. The tentative release date is May 2010.

The memoir is about, among other things, my teenage relationship with Prince Jefri Bolkiah, youngest brother of the Sultan of Brunei. When I knew the Prince, he was a dashing, decadent playboy. These days he’s an international fugitive.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Check out this email I discovered while doing some research for the memoir. Do you think I should respond? I mean, book advances aren’t what they used to be and I could use the money…


Best. Scam. Ever.

I believe i can call you friend. I am Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei.I am the youngest of the Sultan’s three brothers. But its like a joke being called a prince. The Bruneian royal family have turned me into an outcast.My Brother the Sultan of Brunei masterminded and initiated much evil against me. He envied me as a person, he envied my life style, he was intimidated by my way of life, and thus plotted with his infidel advisers to get me arrested for nothing. He leveled all forms of corruption allegations against me. He accused me of taking US$40 billion of the royal treasury’s money. He labeled me a criminal and ordered for my arrest. My Brother the Sultan of Brunei did this to me his younger brother.Yes i agree that I spent Money, but I am bewildered by the accusation that i misspent $40 billion. It’s not that easy to hide, I keep asking the lawyers, Where did it go?…

As it stands, i am about to go into hiding and this would mean living in worse conditions than i am now but i believe that it would be better of because i am placing faith in this letter that with your help i would live the sort of life i deserve with my family. I have some funds stashed in foreign countries, but i cannot touch these funds hence they are discovered by my King Brother watching my every move like a Hawk.

I need you to assist me in these financial steps of securing my entitlements. You will benefit immensely from this finanacial exercise.I am an easy going gentleman, so please be rest assured that my business relationship with you
will be very sincere and this friendship will extend to our children.
Yours Sincerely,
Prince Jefri Bolkiah.

15 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About that Deadline?

  1. well if he believes he “can call you friend” i see no reason as to why you can’t trust him. if i were you, i would conclude that the next logical step is to send him your credit card information and social security number, along will complete access to your bank account. in the end it will prove to be an extremely lucrative deal.

  2. What a weirdo! Can’t wait to read your memoir and learn about how you came to know this character!

    Good luck with the deadline. You will make it- easy peasy!

  3. omg. ms lauren, this is lame. its the funniest joke i’ve ever seen. that sure is one big scam! i guess. there isnt a need for anyone other there to worry about him right now? he’s safe and sound back home. back in the kingdom. =)

  4. That is a total scam. The next thing he will tell you is for you to give him the bank information by filling a form. Then pay $100 for a transfer fee.

    That’s totally not the prince!

  5. This does appear to be a classic scam. But I disagree, rudi, if it is, It was written by a Bruneian with intimate knowledge of the Royals. PJ of course PARTICULARLY hated his brother Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan Hassanal Bolkiah’s most trusted elder adviser, who advised his Father, whom the young Hassanal and everyone idolized as the Sultan who brought Brunei into the 20th Century (i.e. produced and marketed oil starting in the 20s). This was Pengiran ISA, Pengiran just meaning “related to the Royal Family by provable bloodline” (no mean feat there, I can tell you)and “ISA”, the Muslim name for Jesus who is honored as a True Prophet of Allah in the Koran. (Didn’t know that, did ya?). Just as in Ibrahim = Abraham, Marya or Maryam (Mary Mother of Jesus), and many other Biblical names shared with Old Testament Judaism. That’s why he calls him an “infidel”, a VERY serious accusation in a Muslim Sultanate under Shari’a Law like Irunei. I lived and worked there for 3 years at the Ministry level, in Aviation and the attempts to get Bruneians to get a WORK ETHIC! This was unsuccessful. I also know EXACTLY, without reading her book, what this young lady errr, did for a living there.

    MUSLIM women are off-limits, so they have to import clay pigeons and Ms. “Model” or (name-a-State runner-up Beauty Queen) for the Great Game. They are usually treated well and understand The Rules perfectly, and when the time comes to depart, find a MINIMUM priced US$30-$50,000 piece of jewelry from Asprey’s of London (the Royals finally just gave in and bought the place) on their beds.
    Gurkhas guard them in their villas. You know what their job is, but a “no” is tolerated- for the first few times.
    PJ is a serious mental case and is VERY rarely even SEEN. This has all been VERY embarrassing publicity for HM The Sultan, which he HATES!

      • Hi! No, sorry. I wouldn’t be willing to do that. I concealed people’s identity in order to respect their privacy. But I’m glad you’re intrigued with the book and thanks for reading!

  6. Hi Jillian,

    I grew up in Brunei and lived there while all this is happening. I know everything you wrote is true because we built the palace and guesthouses. Free concerts, underground bars, harems, etc. Just to let you know that your a strong woman and feel free to keep in touch.

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