Oh, The Glamour


Scott returned yesterday from Korea and Japan. Karl Koch, webmaster extraordinaire, sent me this photo of Scott playing the FujiRock Festival.

This past week has been a superultramega dose of what it means to be a working rock mom. A week before my big deadline, Scott went out of town, T-Bone staged a sleep boycott and I got a three-day-long migraine. At 9:30pm on Friday night, T threw his empty bottle at me in bed. It bonked me on the nose and I lost it. Lost it. I brought him downstairs and let him run around in a victory I-win-I-win-I-get-to-stay-up dance while I sobbed on the couch. I called my guardian-angel neighbor Cynthia, who came over and sat with us until I calmed down. I figure that in cases when I become the bad mom in the after-school special (i.e. when I dump the entire bag of corn chips out on T’s high chair tray), at least I have excellent reinforcements. Thank Goddess for good neighbors and great nanny/aunties and organic dark chocolate with cherries in it.

It wasn’t all bad. We still had our daily dance party. We like to tango to Lady Gaga. Check out that form.

You can also see on my right forearm my new Jill Jordan tattoo in honor of my little Pisces Tariku – two coy fish with their tails intertwined. The tattoo was inspired by the story of Aphrodite and Eros fleeing from the giant Typhoeus. They turned themselves into fish and dove into the Euphrates to escape the monster, but they tied their tails together so they would never be separated. Later, Minerva told their story in the stars by creating the Pisces constellation.


3 thoughts on “Oh, The Glamour

  1. You have afternoon dance parties to Lady Gaga too? I love you my sister Lioness and am so proud of you. xo

  2. Oh, I’m sorry you had one of “those” weeks. We’ve all had our bad mommy moments (hours? days? weeks?). Not fun, but totally human. Like me, last night, yelling at Lula because she kept standing up in the tub and just wouldn’t listen. Uh — she’s 12 months old. Yeah.

    Can’t wait to see your new tattoo up close. Sounds beautiful.

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