Party with Thy Neighbor


We had a kick-ass July 4 Mount Royal block party- proving once again that we live in a kind of alternative Mayberry, where most people have tattoos AND a great recipe for peach cobbler. Scott was amazed to see me waving a flag and singing along with “This Land is Your Land” during the ultra-fabulous kid-and-dog parade (see above pictures to experience the cuteness). Perhaps this is because he is lucky enough to hear my nightly diatribe, during which I rant about whatever new injustice has caught my attention that day. But, at the risk of sounding like a post-punk Polyanna, here in our little community I feel there’s so much to be proud of, so much to be patriotic about. I’m glad we’re raising Tariku in a neighborhood where, on our street alone, every age-range, race, religion and sexual orientation is not only proudly represented but can actually throw a raging party together.

As if to bless my newfound patriotism, Zach De La Rocha, singer for Rage Against The Machine and fellow Eagle Rock resident, rode by our parade on his bike and smiled widely at the kids. It was like Che flashing me the peace sign from the great beyond. Go forth and wave your flag, my daughter.

Plus, I appreciate any opportunity to madly craft during naptime. Scott says it isn’t a holiday unless I start a craft project at 9pm the night before. There were no official awards for parade vehicles due to our inclusive and non-competitive spirit, but I would like to unofficially give Tariku’s red wagon the award for best goddamn bit of charming Americana ever crafted.

Speaking of Americana, I love the picture where Tariku looks like he’s Butch Cassidy at high noon. Check out the attitude on that kid already.


3 thoughts on “Party with Thy Neighbor

  1. I am envious. For our first few years living here, the party on our street started at noon with a parade, and lasted into the wee-hours of the night with a truckload of fireworks. But last night, we were the ONLY ones out. It seems half the neighborhood has been severed by divorce. It was a little depressing.

  2. How can we stand Tariku in his cowboy suit?! Seriously too cute.

    We envy your neighborhood, by the way. Sounds like heaven.

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