Who me? A psycho?


There’s something the matter with Warner Brothers. And there’s something the matter with those omnipresent “There’s Something the Matter with Esther” posters for the movie Orphan. When Scott and I went to see Drag me to Hell, we saw the trailer for Orphan and I felt a sick little drop in my stomach. Another movie where a family adopts a child who turns out to be a monster. Off the top of my head, I can add to the list The Bad Seed, The Ring, The Omen(switched at birth but close enough) and Acacia. Yes, I watch too many horror films. A particular image sticks in my mind from the trailer- the dark-haired, dark-eyed, sociopathic orphan girl standing menacingly behind the sleeping figure of the blue-eyed, angelic biological child.

Why are we adoptees (Tariku and I were both adopted) so easy to literally demonize? And how does this hurtful message wind up on posters all over Los Angeles? If horror movies are the outer manifestation of our deepest anxieties as a culture, then Orphan demonstrates that we, as a culture, continue to fear that which is different. We continue to create an evil “other” who serves to validate our belief in our own inner goodness.

It’s enough to make me want to go to the shed and grab an axe…

3 thoughts on “Who me? A psycho?

  1. Interesting. I have always hated the stories about adopted children being psycho. And for that matter why is it always the dark one? I personally think blonds are more creepy…And how come h-wood hasn’t caught their own ism yet? I

  2. That’s drama, full-tilt, I suppose. Take what’s most beautiful and turn it into a nightmare…And why brunettes? They’re smarter than blondes….(please. just kidding!) (Also, I have a theory that “children of the corn” type movies and cryptic nursery rhymes -the cradle will fall?-are forms of parental payback. Yes? No? I’m a parent, I can say this!) First time visit here, Lauren. I love your photos (Oh those tomatoes)and the words that go with them. Will stop by again. Good luck with you-know-what! -cora pyles (Antiochian) btw, T is beautiful!

  3. If you don’t want to see the movie Orphan you don’t know what you’re missing. Orphan is the best movie EVER, it is totally different to all the movies you named before. It has a terrifiyng twist at the end that flip the entire movie. It gets a very large audience and a rave reviews, it’s a movie that has you in tension until the end and leaves you breathless. I recommend this movie to everyone cause it’s worth… best movie ever!!

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