Day 1: La Fete Commence


We’re officially in motion. Off to Toronto, the first stop of the 2009 Weezer tour.

This time the pre-tour chaos was worse than usual, as we were plagued by computer poltergeists and sharp new baby teeth. When traveling, I’ve always loved the moment that the plane leaves the ground and anything I left behind is gone and forgotten. Because I hate packing. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I hate packing with a baby even more. But I love to travel. And I love to go on tour. So pack I do, and often.

Tariku is crazy about airports and airplanes, so the only real challenge was the boredom in between take-off and landing. Some of it was spent just gazing out the window. I wonder what Tariku thinks when he looks out at the clouds from above. He kept saying “sky” and “blue” and “airplane,” so he understood that we were up in the air, but was it more magical to him than the wonders of staring at the ceiling fan? Is everything equally magical when the world is so new?

I have no idea what the road will have in store for us with Tariku along. Tour has always been such a fun and selfish time for me, with no obligations other than showing up at lobby call and putting on a pair of nice shoes for the show every once in a while. I could hole up in the back of the bus and write whenever I wanted. I could just wander the streets of foreign cities and get a latte while everyone else worked their tails off. Now, I’m on the job, too. Raising a future rock star is a big responsibility.

Here he is with Animal, his favorite buddy. I tell him that it was given to Scott by the actual Animal, which is the truth. Scott got the doll on the set of the “Keep Fishin'” video, in which the guys co-starred with the Muppets. How awesome is that?


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  1. Confession: I am reading your blog when I need to be writing. Sound familiar? We’re excited about seeing you in Seattle. Let us know your thoughts on Portland.

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