Don’t Wear High Heels on a Soggy Lawn


When the inimitable Dolly Parton gave the above-mentioned advice, she was no doubt on tour in San Francisco. I don’t have any pictures from the Mountain View show because I was busy stumbling after the baby while wearing- you guessed it- high heels on a soggy lawn. Or more like a slippery backstage deck area. But there is something gorgeous about rock in a rainstorm. Seen from backstage, the rain catches the stage lights and intermingles with the smoke amidst an amphitheater full of undaunted fans in ponchos and it feels like something extraordinary. Which it always is, really, but sometimes it’s easy to forget how lucky I am to regularly witness the transformative potential of live music. My friend Gina (wife of Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz) once told me that she always feels fortunate to live in rock-wife liminality- not exactly an audience member but not a performer either. My friend Danica was in the audience and now has a massive crush on Rivers, which probably would have happened anyway, but I think there was a little extra magic in that rain.

The guys still have the San Diego and Irvine shows left to do, but writing this from my desk at home, I feel like the hard part is over. And the hard part got pretty hard for a minute there. I skipped the Seattle show due to a raging migraine and schlepped all of our stuff through the airport the next day wearing sunglasses and barfing in trash cans (which, I suppose, is about as rock as it gets). The worst part was that I missed seeing our friends, but you can read about the show (and more about Ethiopian adoption, if you’re interested) on my friend Karin’s blog.

Things soon looked up, though. Our hotel room in SF was awesome, to the point that upon entering I felt it was necessary to grab Tariku and jump on the bed for a few minutes while laughing diabolically. Tariku ran laps around the Yerba Buena Gardens all evening while I tried in vain to convince him to go see the vogueing competition at the neighboring Center for the Arts. He was totally uninterested in the men walking by in glittery drag, preferring the eternally captivating delights of shuffling through dry leaves.

The next day I met up with my SF gal pals, one of whom happens to be the manager of exquisite corset shop Dark Garden. I used my iphone to bribe Tariku into compliance while Andrea fitted me with a gorgeous corset, coming soon to a Halloween celebration near you…


Then I was forced to hock my grandmother’s diamond ring for three pieces of chocolate at Miette, the most decadent candy shop I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t that look like a retro drug scale (not that I’d know)?

All told, the Shriners had a blast on tour, but I’ve never before been quite this happy to see Los Angeles soil.

Tariku said goodbye to tour with his heartfelt all-purpose word (kind of the Tariku equivalent of shalom)…


3 thoughts on “Don’t Wear High Heels on a Soggy Lawn

  1. Jillian,
    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to blog about the tour. I really looked forward to your posts. As a Weezer fan I found it interesting to hear the tour from your perspective. And as a mother of a one year old, it made your experiences very entertaining to me. I hope Weezer tours again soon (although you may not) and would love it if I could experience it vicariously through you again! Best Wishes. Kara

  2. ha! there’s always magic in rain, but you’re right, there must have been a little extra, because security miraculously turned a blind eye when we decided to crash the third row. plus tariku did that cute head-bopping thing after eating the pizza! pure MAGIC i tell you….

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