Tour Day 11: Saratoga Springs


Woke bleary and disoriented on a bus parked in Saratoga Spa State Park. T is teething again and, in spite of my efforts to keep him on rock time, he woke at 7. We took a family walk around the golf course and then had our first experience of getting the baby showered and dressed at the venue. Before I left for tour, I coincidentally read and loved Water for Elephants, which is set in a depression-era circus. I’m a sucker for anything circus, so I romanticize the whole “went to bed in Minneapolis, woke up in PA” aspect of touring. I imagine us a little circus family, and it makes an adventure out of holding the baby aloft under the shower so we don’t have to actually set him down on the shower floor, only to have him rolling around naked in dressing room dust piles five minutes later. So what if he’s a little dust mop. That’s show biz.


We took the trolley into town and cruised around all the preppy shops featuring high-drama hats for attending the races. You have to love that there’s place that women still wear elaborate hats. But can I please say that preppies make crappy paninis?

The big news of the night was that Travis left to attend DJ AM’s funeral, and he won’t fly (can you blame the guy?) so he’s going to be gone for a few days. A few show days. Including Saratoga Springs. True to the circus theme, the guys decided that the show must go on. So Weezer headlined the show and even though they offered people their money back, nearly everyone stayed. Weezer added four songs to their set and they killed it.

The Cleveland and St. Louis shows are canceled, so now we’ve got a few days off in Scott’s home state.

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  1. My mom suggested that book to me a few years back and I LOVED it! Had emotional responses to a number of parts of the book – haven’t had that happen in years.
    Really enjoy your blogs – keep ’em coming!

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