Tour Day 16: Denver Slowly



Tariku woke me at 6AM and I blearily bundled him off to the back of the bus so he wouldn’t wake anyone else. Unsure of what time it was, but sure it was pretty fucking early, I lifted the shades to smudges of clouds the color of orange creamsicles and the full moon still hanging over a little white farmhouse. Fields of sunflowers turned their expectant faces to the horizon.

That kind of sunrise is God’s gift to farmers and baristas and mothers of wakeful babies.

Later we cruised the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market in the parking lot across from the hotel. Visiting farmer’s markets is one of my favorite things to do in cities not my own. I met a fellow crafter named Tyler Larsen who makes adorable onesies under the name Baby Lux Designs. She turned me on to Craft Hope, an organization that shares handmade crafts with those less fortunate. Tyler donated a hand crafted sock monkey. The question is, is there anyone out there who would actually want one of my many ambitious-but-often-ugly scarves?

Which leads me to why I craft. And why I shut myself in the back of the bus and just look out the window while the insomniacs in the front of the bus compulsively scan Craig’s List. I love knitting my lopsided baby blankets because it’s a slow process. The Slow Movement is a really interesting website that addresses issues of “time poverty” and supports a “growing global shift toward slowing down.” She says as she blogs.

Unrelated (or maybe not): here is a picture of Tariku on a giant waffle in the Cherry Creek mall. If you think that’s gross, you should have seen the sausages.


3 thoughts on “Tour Day 16: Denver Slowly

  1. Hi there Jillian,

    Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I am a massive fan of Weezer, have been since waaay back in the beginning. I started reading your blog from a prompt by Karl on the blog and have eagerly awaited your posts ever since.

    You have a lovely laid back style of writing which really gives us a sense of how you are feeling at the time of writing. It is an absolute pleasure to read. You infuse a sense of ‘you’ into your writing which is a nice change from all the bland rubbish pushed on us by the internet in general.

    I totally agree with the need for us to all slow down. This world has created a frenzy of information and speed that has us all caught up in it. My wife and I savour the quiet moments when we can step out of the rush of day to day work commitments and read, write, paint and just enjoy the breeze on our face. As a result of your post today I am reading with interest The Slow Movement website.

    Please keep blogging, your posts are a light to my day.

    Please give little Tariku a high five from me.

    Take care.


  2. Loved this day’s blog! Can’t imagine what the sausages must have looked like…but I have a good idea!! Tariku must have had a good time and hopefully got tired out from the activity! You are SUCH a crafter; I’m really impressed!

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