Tour Truants


We had a few days off before the Seattle show, so we decided to try to get away from it all and rent a house out on Bainbridge Island.

Here is what I learned:

1. Bainbridge Island is quaint and lovely and has a charming indie bookstore.
2. It is wonderful to sleep with the sound of waves breaking right outside your bedroom window.
3. There is no such thing as “getting away from it all” when you have an eighteen-month-old in tow.

I believe I expressed this sentiment in a less articulate way last night. It went something like the following (imagine this punctuated with desperate sobs): I am NOT going ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN. When we get home, I am staying there FOREVER.

What happened to your circus gal, your Gypsy pal? She was felled by a migraine and a wee lad. All I can say is that he’s small but he’s cunning.

I think the highlight of our island excursion was actually the ferry ride over. Bainbridge Island is about 35 minutes from downtown Seattle by ferry. It was T’s first time on a boat and it was so great to watch him screaming with delight and running headlong into the crazy wind. Here he is posing as the new Adam for the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


In-between bouts of panic and dread, I did take a moment or two to enjoy the clean sea air, the lush evergreens all around and the views of snow-covered Mt. Ranier from the beach outside our pad.



We also went to visit a little Norweigian-themed town called Poulsbo- kind of the Pacific Northwest’s equivalent to our Solvang. It was cute and touristy and had lots of viking dolls and lingonberry jam. I dubbed it “Little Ikea.” Here is the window of the town pirate store. Every town should have one.


And for those of you who saw the Vanity Fair blog I wrote from Japan, you’ll appreciate that I was somehow hypnotized into buying yet another faux-fur Doctor Zhivago hat. That one was grey and this one is off-white and brown, so they’re apples and oranges, really. Plus, it was made by a local artist and was called a muffette or a muffalette or something, so I had to buy it.

I have no pictures of it, since its purchase preceded a rather unpleasant exchange. Why don’t men understand that an LA girl simply can’t have enough faux-fur cossack hats?

9 thoughts on “Tour Truants

  1. So my brother lives in Poulsbo. No shit. With his fotog wife who, when they discontinued the chemicals to make silver-based black and white prints went out and bought a couple of barrels of the stuff. He teaches auto shop at the JC and is writing a novel. She works decorating cakes to pay the rent, meanwhile doing her own work and restoring some of the photos my dad took in Yosemite when he was hanging with Ansel Adams. Miss you guys. Planning on Sac. Lunch? P

  2. I love Seattle, I moved there my senior year. Its so beautiful. I lived in a town about 15 minutes south of the airport and when you would get off I5 and drive down this big hill you could get the most breathtaking sight of mt rainier, my most favorite scenery picture ever. I have been meaning to get a picture of that for my house, it feels so generic to buy one online. One of these days I will get out there to visit my dad and get my own picture. Did you guys see any whales on the ferry ride? Too bad the Puyallup Fair is not going on right now, you’d enjoy that..

  3. that picture of you and T is SO beautiful, jillian. and maybe an occasional baby sitter would be a nice thing for you both? moms need a break from time to time! i’m around this weekend if you need someone to watch tariku….but you’d need to train me first…


  4. There is an island up there in the San Juans, called Guemes, which is where I fantasize about settling and never ever ever coming back to the city, any city. Last time I was there, we kayaked, and a seal came right up beside me.

  5. you know what i am obsessed with? T’s little brown sandals that he always has on in the photos! i dont know why, but i just think they are the cutest little things!

  6. Love the pic of you and T also. You should print that one out.

    Also loved your Vanity Fair piece! I love the Japanese cutsey stuff so much- have you seen the books “Fruits” and “Fresh Fruits”? (all Japanese street fashion…lots of “Lolita” looking outfits. I swore when I first saw the two books that I would dress Pearl like that)

    Glad you guys are home. Om sweet Om!

  7. I’m about 3/4 the way through “Some Girls” and am loving it. I don’t want it to end! Anyway, tonight I found your blog and am enjoying learning more about you, your writing and your family. So far, the picture of you holding T on the ferry to Bainbridge Island is my favorite. Wonderful!

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