Junkies, Tramps and Cheese


I attended Rachel Resnick’s release party for the paperback of her book Love Junkie, a memoir about her journey through sex and love addiction. It was held at Frank Pictures Gallery at Bergamot Station and included a staged reading of selections from the book. Lush paintings and photographs by Emma Ferriera provided the backdrop.

Rachel is a friend, so I know that she is a profoundly generous person, but what struck me upon hearing the reading was her no holds barred generosity as an artist. This is a woman who really opens a vein when she sits down to write. Judging by the outpouring of love for her at the party, she seems no poorer for it.

So what does a love junkie do with all that love, anyway? Is it like being a dope fiend in a poppy field?

Also- I’m putting this one to a vote…

My really, really high-waisted Grey Ant pants (bought on sale because huge bell bottoms are so last season- whatever- skinny jeans are a calculated assault against women with big asses)…

A. Bold fashion move that brings to mind Farrah Fawcett in her finest hour
B. Unfortunate fashion blunder involving a potential CT


6 thoughts on “Junkies, Tramps and Cheese

  1. i vote A…although i have to disagree with the skinny jeans thing! i think big asses look damn hot in skinny jeans…its the pancake asses that look like a trainwreck! (i am addicted to my citizens of humanity slick denim avedons…give them a try, they feel like leggings)

  2. I’m voting for the high waisted/wide leg pants you have on. I personally am having a very hard time with the return of the 80’s when it comes to jeans. I tried a pair on recently and when I looked in the mirror I was instantly transported to 7th grade…um…not a place I want to be. In fact, a nightmare! You look great- Keep on with it!

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