The Real Reason I Wanted a Baby



Halloween PJs. Duh.

2 thoughts on “The Real Reason I Wanted a Baby

  1. While I’m here at your blog giving you my fashion opinions, I must say that T looks FABULOUS in his halloween pajamas. Pearl has the same ones in pink, but her’s have a glittery star on the heart. Do T’s glow in the dark? Pearl’s do, but we didn’t know it until she snuck out of bed and it was dark and she came walking down the hallway and scared us so badly because all of the sudden here was this little SKELETON standing there.

    *Oh, and we call them her “Psycho Killer” pajamas because once when we saw David Byrne he came out for his encour wearing a very similar suit and played the song “Psycho Killer”.

  2. mindy’s story is still cracking me up. That’s pretty classic.

    I love T in his skeleton pajamas too. Now I want some.

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