When I was Thirteen…


…I entertained dreams of being on Star Search– think American Idol but BETTER, for all you youngsters who never heard of it. But the farthest I got was playing characters in the school play, who more often than not had numbers after their names (ie. Scrubwoman #1, Menorah Candle # 3, etc.).

Last week we went for Ethiopian food with our friends the Thieles. Here is a pic of me with their son Owen. I’m now officially the president of his fan club. I’m actually having buttons made as we speak. I had to restrain myself from doing my Flo Ziegfeld “You’re gonna be a big staaahhh” routine.

Check out Owen’s song “Stripped Down” on iTunes. It was written by his dad, Bob Thiele Jr., along with Ruby Stewart and Dillion O’Brian. He’s also blogging for The Huffington Post.

Did I mention that this kid is thirteen? Does that make you want to put down the Guitar Hero and the cookies, or what?

Actually- I’m going to hold on to that cookie, thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “When I was Thirteen…

  1. owen thiele is amazing! We are currently working on a charity together and I can easily say I have never met such an entertaining person
    love you owen

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