I Got Some Bad Press!


Who could say anything mean about that sweet little girl in the picture above? Now you know…

I got some bad press already! I feel so legit. I’m kind of excited about it. Check back in with me regarding my feelings toward bad press in about six months, when I may very well be bathing in it. But seriously, can you even give a bad review to a book that hasn’t come out yet? Aren’t there enough bad books that one can actually read before reviewing?

I found out about it because the author was kind enough to leave the link in a comment to my last blog entry. I’m kinda intimidated, because she writes for the illustrious NYU Local. Also scary is the fact that she uses the word really twice in one sentence, which must mean that she’s really not messing around.

While dissing my blog, she admits that Tariku is adorable, but then proceeds to make fun of his name (I know, classy). Clearly she didn’t read enough of the blog to realize that he was born in Africa, hence the African name and all that.

She’s right about the starfucking, though. Who can argue?

If, after reading my bad review, you feel the compulsive urge to pre-order the book, you can now do so on Amazon!

Better yet, buy it at your local indie bookstore on April 27th.

9 thoughts on “I Got Some Bad Press!

  1. I pre-ordered it on Amazon and I will buy it at whichever local bookstore invites you for a reading. (I like Diesel here on the west sayeed.)

    I thought Rockstar fucking was a step up from just star fucking, but I admit that my information is dated.

  2. I just don’t get it. The whole point of the article seems to be to make jabs at someone she doesn’t know who wrote a book she didn’t read. Whatever.

  3. Who can diss a writer that says “Better yet, buy it at your local indie bookstore on April 27th.” That’s a writer who knows what matters!

  4. Unreal. I don’t know what that woman is smoking but remind me never to try it. As for Tariku, just look at him. She is clearly drowning in envy and needed to find some way to express it. I pity her really.

  5. By the way, I’m not cool enough to wait and buy the book in an indie store. I did the Amazon thing and I CAN’T WAIT!! 🙂

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