Suffering For Beauty Never Goes Out Of Fashion


You may think that a corset needn’t be a staple of a modern gal’s wardrobe, but I donned my new Dark Garden corset at the Weezer Palladium show and I had not one but two adorable little fashion bloggers ask to take my picture. Nothing like some good old fashioned suffering if you want to make a fashion splash. Actually, I love wearing corsets and don’t find them uncomfortable. The trick is that you have to get the real thing- well made, good fabric, real boning. They give you beautiful posture with no effort at all. Scott was already at the show and our sweet, hippie babysitter had to lace me into it. She tried to conceal her horror, but I could tell she thought I was personally setting the woman’s movement back like a century or so. The pic was taken by O, a photographer friend of the band.

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