On Sunday night one of the Weezer tour buses hit a patch of black ice near Albany. The bus fishtailed, plowed over a guardrail then crashed into a ravine by the side of the Thruway. Rivers and his assistant Sarah were both banged up pretty badly and Rivers is still in the hospital under observation due to some internal injuries.

I knew something was wrong when both the home phone and the cell phone rang at eight in the morning and it was Pat’s wife and Scott calling at the same time. A bus crash is one of those tour nightmares. When I’m out with the band, the possibility of an accident is something that always passes through my mind when I lie down in my bunk to go to sleep. Mostly, I love sleeping in the bus. I find the white noise, the darkness and the enclosed space to be comforting. But there is an underlying feeling of being out of control, an awareness of movement that always half wakes me when the bus takes a sharp turn.

So it deeply upsets me to imagine my friends, my family really, being pitched out of their bunks and knocked around. I hate to picture how scared Rivers’s daughter must have been. I know that everyone is going to be fine and I’m grateful that Scott is safely on his way home, but I find myself crying at odd moments the past couple of days.

Karl wrote a vivid description of the crash on the Weezer website. You can also check in there for updates.

Thank you if you’ve called or emailed to express your concern. It means a lot to us that so many people have our back.

5 thoughts on “Crash

  1. There’s nothing like a car accident to remind a person of the fragility of our lives. Hug your loved ones tight and cry all you want. Much love to you all.

  2. That is so scary! I am so glad that everyone is going to be okay. I had just gone to their concert a few days before in Chicago and it just seemed so surreal. The Weezer families will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. My first thought was with Rivers’ daughter. You’re a mom so you’d definitely understand. I work with youth and it terrified me to hear that his baby girl had to go through that. Best wishes for you and the entire Weezer camp.

  4. I read about the crash the day it happened, and thought about/prayed for everyone involved. Little did I know that a little over a week later a friend of mine would die in a tragic accident in Minnesota. Life is precious and short for certain.

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