Nina Loves Me, This I Know


There are Hollywood nights in which Jesus lets you down and a porn star lifts your spirits. It’s just that kind of town.

Last night I went to Hustler Hollywood for Stan Kent’s Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll series. Rachel Resnick read from her amazing memoir Love Junkie and legendary porn star Nina Hartley co-hosted. Ricky Berger (think snow angels, fuzzy bunnies, mmmmm warm brownies) provided the music and the innocence in an otherwise bawdy evening. I went with Stephen Elliott, Michele Matheson and Shira Tarrant, fabulously talented all.

I’m honored to say that both Nina and Rachel gave me blurbs for my memoir. I signed my very first book last night and I signed it to Nina Hartley. Whenever I have a minor panic attack considering the fact that this book of mine, this sheltered baby, this enormously intimate endeavor, is about to be available to every creep who ever tortured me in junior high, it’s the uncompromising honesty of people like Nina, Rachel and Stephen that fortifies me. At least I’m not alone up here on the pillory with my skirt up over my head.

Jesus came to the reading, too (pictured above with Ricky Berger and me). I’m not sure if he was just wandering by or if he’s a regular. I talked to him afterwards. Call me sentimental, but when I’m talking to a bearded man dressed as Jesus, even if he’s bonkers I still want him to be Jesus-y. I want him to talk love and selflessness. I want him to say, “God bless you,” at the very least. This Jesus just wanted to tell me how lame he thought it was that I had to conceal people’s identities in my memoir when bloggers were free to bandy real identities about at will.

So Jesus wanted to bitch about bloggers, while Nina wanted to hug me and support my writing. And that’s a Hustler Hollywood holiday. I’m thinking of designing a greeting card around it.

2 thoughts on “Nina Loves Me, This I Know

  1. This is a wonderful blogpost. It truly captures the essence of that evening … and of Los Angeles. But I just *have* to add that I like my Jesus, well, I like my Jesus to keep his hands to himself!

  2. Hi honey,

    My sister stumbled upon this blog and sent it to me! You are such a peach! Thank you! 🙂

    It was certainly an interesting evening, I’ve never performed at a Hustler before! And Jesus was so nice! I just loved Rachel’s book, what an amazing life she’s led. Wow.

    Anyway, I hope you’re doing wonderfully, thank you for the kind words, I hope to see you again soon!


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