A Year In The Life



Just over a year ago we returned from Africa with T. It’s taken me a minute to write about it for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I have a BABY now (yes, I really, really do) and I’m a wee bit short on blogging time. The second is that I’ve been snowed under with emotion about it. I’m caught off guard at odd moments by memories of the faces of the people who cared for my son at some point along his incredible journey. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the hands that bathed and fed and held him while he waited, and we waited, to become a family. I watch him while he sleeps and I thank T’s birth mother, I thank his caregivers, I thank the adoption agency, for keeping him safe and for ultimately bringing us together.

A year. It feels like he’s always been here and at the same time it feels so strange- we have a little boy now. Yes, we really, really do. How do I know this? Over the course of five minutes I tripped on a toy truck, a ukulele and a smooshed pear.

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