How’s A Mother To Compete?

T-Bone is obsessed- I mean head-over-heels, eyes-for-no-other obsessed- with Lady Gaga.

We listen to music all the time at home, exposing T to everything from Bach to Black Sabbath. He used to constantly ask for Bob-ah (i.e. Bob Marley. T adds AH to every word. As in hot-ah, nap-ah, etc etc.) but even Bob couldn’t stand up to the awe-inspiring power that is Gaga. T won’t abide anything other than Gaga these days. He literally wakes up saying her name. When he had a massive meltdown at Disneyland last week he screamed and sobbed and made the ASL sign for “music” while saying Gaga over and over.

Well, let’s just add this morning’s behavior to the running “why I’m a bad mommy” list I have going in my head. Somewhere underneath “switched from homemade organic baby food to a diet comprised more or less of chicken sausage and french fries,” is “doesn’t allow any TV except for about twelve Lady Gaga videos in a row at 6AM.”

I gave up and plopped T in front of Youtube when I realized that I was so tired I literally couldn’t remember the lyrics to “You are My Sunshine.” You have never seen such joy, such revelry, such dancing.

His very favorite Gaga video is “Bad Romance.” He likes the part of the song that goes:

Rah-rah-rah-ah-ah, Roma-ro-mah-mah, Gaga-ooh-la-la, Want your bad romance.

I figure it’s kind of his generation’s version of “Supercalifragilisticexbealidocious.”

Enjoy the video for yourself above. Lest you feel that you’d like to argue with me about my being a bad mommy, let me tell you that in his favorite part of the video, Lady Gaga wears a polar bearskin rug as a skirt. She slips off the skirt and stands in her underwear in front of a masked man, whom she then proceeds to light on fire.

His comment….”BEAR-ah!!!”

5 thoughts on “How’s A Mother To Compete?

  1. I couldnt side with u more. You are not a bad mother by far. Whatever soothes lil ones desires is what makes them tick. I play anything from Rusted Root to Gaga to Staind with my almost 10 month old and he absoulutely loves it and claps as we sing and dance. Gets me alot further with him than those all fashioned lullabys =)

  2. Yes, it is a bad decision to let your kid watch Lady Gaga at that age. No question. You’re the person in his life right now that is setting the direction of his life. What we do as parents the first few years is tremendously important to our children’s destiny.

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