Eggs and Airplanes



Whenever I have a few posts in a row about writing or ghosts or reviews or whatever, I inevitably get an email from someone saying: Um, that’s great and all, but can you please post some more pictures of the baby?

Here are a couple of pix from our favorite breakfast spot, Annia’s Cafe at the El Monte Airport. T likes it because he gets to say two of his favorite words over and over again. Eggs. Airplane. Eggs. Airplane. Eggs. Airplane.

This breakfast was particularly fun because T got to see one of his oldest friends, Lula Tarikie. It’s always special when we get a chance to visit with one of the other adoptive families with whom we traveled to Ethiopia. There’s something relaxing about not having to explain this fundamental piece of our existence. It’s not that I don’t like talking about our adoption. I love talking about it. But I also love just being understood in an arena where words often fall short.

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