Chelsea Morning


So I thought I’d treat myself to a hotel room because staying with friends wouldn’t exactly give me that alone time I’ve been craving. I think I’ve been a bit spoiled by the rock life, because I sort of feel like I’m in the youth hostel I stayed at once in London- the hostel in which I met a soon-to-be good friend by stepping on her head in the middle of the night because the top bunk was so sweltering that she had moved to the floor to sleep. At least here I have my own bathroom.

But the people are nice and the coffee is strong and I have to get out of here anyway because I promised Scott that I wouldn’t spend the entire day at the computer. I know that I’ve been working too hard when my husband actually encourages me to get out and go shopping.

It’s raining the kind of rain you can barely see unless you look at the drops sending ripples through the puddles. The kids in the preschool across the courtyard are making me lonesome for T. But off I go- into the rain. My plan is to visit my friend Shin at her store Lingo (my fave in all of NY) and then maybe find a cafe to have lunch. Then it’s off to NYU to speak to a group of journalism students.

Maybe I’ll step on someone’s head and make a new friend on my way out the door.

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  1. I don’t know. A private bathroom, strong coffee and all day at the computer sounds like a perfect NY getaway to me. Although, because I am Jewish, it’s mostly all about the private bathroom for me.

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