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An excerpt from Some Girls is up at The Nervous Breakdown today. There’s also a self-interview. I didn’t realize how awesome the idea of a self-interview was until I had done my umpteenth interview in which the questions didn’t go much further than what the girls in Prince Jefri’s harem ate for breakfast and if I still have all of those Armani gowns.

Also, I did my first signing yesterday, at the LA Times Festival of Books. The biggest thrill for me was signing books to people who didn’t know me at all, people who had wandered by and thought the book looked interesting. Another thrill was finally meeting fellow Plume author Julie Klausner. Her memoir, I Don’t Care About Your Band, is hysterical. That’s us in the above picture, along with Rachel Kramer Bussel.

I’ll be schlepping back across town today to catch the “Writing about Sex” panel with Rachel Resnick, Stephen Elliott, Rachel Kramer Bussel and John Freeman. Rachel Kramer Bussel is a Renaissance gal who not only writes about sex, she also writes about cupcakes. I’ll be bringing her some red velvets from my local fave breakfast spot, Auntie Em’s, in an attempt to convince her that they’re the best cupcakes in LA.

And for all you Glendale Galleria-goers…yes, that’s a Bumpit in my hair.

One thought on “A Site Named After My Own Heart

  1. Hey Jillian,
    I came to check you out at the Festival because I had read the article in LA Weekly. I was enthrawlled by your story. It sent my mind reeling. Your work feels like a guilty pleasure. I am fascinated by what it would be like to live the life of an overly rich prince, but after percolating on it for a few days, I had the strange thought that it might be better NOT to have everything I want. I have been married for 28 years and I often think about all of the sex that I will never experience, and I get frustrated when my wife is “not in the mood,” but now I’m wondering if that isn’t actually a kind of blessing. It may be what keeps me wanting her. In a strange way a little frustration may provide a healthier life. Your work has really stimulated me to re-examine assumptions that I have taken for granted for years on end. Thank you.

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