I Actually Liked The Guy


Phew, okay. Now I’m caught up and can give you the blog you’ve been waiting for.

Scott and I went on Howard Stern this morning. You can find the (shortened and kind of lame) transcript here. I have to tell you, I went in there with my Wonder Woman bracelets on, ready to deflect all manner of shenanigans. And you know what? I almost feel bad saying this, but Howard was a pussycat. Of course he asked me a lot of sex questions, but that was a given. I thought that he and Robin were attentive and interested and pretty respectful. I actually liked the guy. Weird, right? Howard brought out the Jewish mom in me. I wanted to go straight home and cook him a noodle kugel or something. He needs to eat more.

Scott said before the show, “You’re an author, you’re not here promoting your signature glow in the dark fake vagina toy or something. Don’t worry about it. He’ll treat you with respect.” And he was right.

I dressed like a bitchy Beverly Hills PTA mom, so maybe that threw Howard off. Anyway, Scott and I had a romantic (and surreal) twelve hours in New York together before he turned right back around and got on a plane home.

If you missed it (or just want to see my PTA duds), it airs on Howard TV tomorrow night at midnight.

4 thoughts on “I Actually Liked The Guy

  1. I just listened to the interview and I have to say as a 20+ year Stern fan I was impressed and interested, something that’s difficult for “newcomers” to attain. Kudos, and best of luck.

  2. Hello! I just finished your book and came looking for tattoo pics (you know people will be dying of curiosity, right?) when I came across your blog! Still searching for the pics, but had to let you know that I enjoyed the book and I think you are gorgeous!

    I also have to say that I can’t believe you wore that to see Howard, you’re so much hotter than that! You know he was hoping to see more harem girl and less house wife 😉

    Congratulations on motherhood and on the birth of your book!

  3. I just finished your book, and I thought it was amazing. Your writing is so engrossing and smart. The way you describe things, especially your feelings and internal dialogue, really hit home for me. I loved the book, and have recommended it to lots of friends!

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