I Have Cool Friends

I love this video by Steve Boling called, YE’RE HERE, CUZIN!. I did a storytelling event last night and it got me thinking about memory. The line of dialogue sounds like something my mother probably said on my answering machine a while back…

This is from the website of Exploding Moment, my friend Catharine’s theater company…

YE’RE HERE, CUZIN! is a reverse “Grapes of Wrath” road trip, a surrealist series of episodes channeling the perceptions of a nine-year-old boy. The show and its title are inspired by a billboard that greeted my family as we moved back and forth from California to the Arkansas Ozarks when I was an adolescent. This trailer was created from footage from our work-in-progress presentation at BAX.–Catharine Dill.

One thought on “I Have Cool Friends

  1. I finally got my book (ordered through my tiny towns tiny bookstore) and read it in one sitting, the sun was thinking about rising as I was done.Morning with the kids was rough but your book altered something within me it freed apart of myself that has been quiet for many years, I am now a knitting bread baking mama of a teen and a toddler but years before they were born I was an escort and travelled for “work” around North America.You gave me the freedom to type those words.
    No- one not a soul knows of my past and although I am so not proud of it , it is in fact part of who I am, It has shaped the 37yr old woman and mama that I am today.But I feel that I only offer part of who I am to people, that I choke upon the lie that is just the lie of omission.Thank you for opening yourself up and allowing my to draw on your strength. You sound so free and so loved by your husband and friends and I hope that I can feel that way too. Thank you again, Melissa.

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