I Was Wondering Why You Looked So Much Better Tonight



Portland is author paradise. I did two events there- a live storytelling event called Backfence PDX and a reading at the best bookstore in the known universe: Powell’s.

At Backfence I shared a stage with the annoyingly talented Steve Almond, whose new book, Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life, I bought for my favorite rocker. The deal with Backfence is that there are no notes allowed. You just stand up there and tell a story. It’s run by Melissa Lion and B. Frayn Masters. Below is a picture of me with Frayn and her man, author Kevin Sampsell.


This was an entirely new thing for me and I completely freaked out. And when I say freaked out, I mean literally shaking in my boots, seeing weird spots and almost passing out. I should have paid them for the adrenaline rush alone. As it was, I got great swag and may have been bitten by the storytelling bug.

Early the following morning I rolled off my friend Tammy’s (that’s her in the lovely furry vest) couch, threw on a crumpled shirt and some lipstick and went to what I thought was a radio interview. Imagine my surprise when I saw the television cameras. I must have glanced too hastily at my itinerary. I hunted down the woman in the building wearing the most makeup and begged her to raid her purse. Here’s me with the show’s other guest, a felon-finding bloodhound named Sister and her cop/author dad. If I look like I’m in my pajamas, it’s because I am.


In fact, at my reading at Powell’s that night, a man came to get his book signed and told me that he saw me on AM Northwest that morning. I told him the story. He said, “I was wondering why you looked so much better tonight.”


So much love, so much rain. Here’s me and my fabulous friend Karin. You should read her blog about her groovy family and their journey with international adoption.


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  1. So lucky to have you as my friend. Good luck with the last of the tour stops. I hope you get to sleep for a week when you get home!

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