It’s My Party, I’ll Dress Like A 70’s Era Beverly Hills Housewife If I Want To






I was blown away by the turnout last night at the book launch party for Some Girls. Thanks so much to all of you who came out to support me. I am blessed with incredible friends.

Pictured above are: the Book Soup sign (how cool is it that I’m listed right next to Joel Grey?), the reading at Book Soup, me signing a book to our pal Brian Ray, me with my friend Colin (who stood by my side for over an hour while I signed), and Venus DeMille dancing at the after-party at Ghettogloss gallery.

I have more pictures and so much more to say about the night, but I’ve got to pack and get T and myself on an airplane to NY tomorrow. I’m having an anxiety attack just from writing the sentence.

Catch me on The View on Monday morning, then right afterward on Barbara Walters’ SIRIUS Radio show!

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4 thoughts on “It’s My Party, I’ll Dress Like A 70’s Era Beverly Hills Housewife If I Want To

  1. I was at the reading- didn’t make it to the party but wanted to let you know that the reading was great- sorry I didn’t get to say Hi- you had many many people there– congrats!

  2. Found your book on friday for my kindle..was heading out on a seven hour adventure to cheer my husband on in a marathon…Loved, loved, loved your book – told my husband he really needed his rest so I could get back to the hotel and finish it the same day I started it. Had some girlfriends ask what I was reading, they all are excited to go pick it up this week. Congrats on the adoption of your wonderful niece was adopted from Ethiopia and life was not complete until my sister went to Ethiopia to get her three years ago. This week my sisters organization is hosting the second “Lights of Hope Auction” helping the more than 4 million orphans in Ethiopia, … Thanks for sharing your story it has touched me as I am sure many others who have struggled with belonging over the years.

  3. First–great job on The View. I hate that show, but you made it really watchable.

    Second–I want the coffee table book version of your story so I can look at big photos of the decor and your outfits. This book is stretching the limits of my ability to imagine mirrored surfaces.

    Lastly–If you didn’t notice this because Venus Demille was so amazing, you’ve totally ruined all future art shows for the kid in the T-shirt watching her performance through the front window. The look on his face when she took off her top was priceless.

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