Seattle Solo




Scott and T went home so Scott could play the Ellen Show and I went on to Seattle alone. It was the second time I’ve spent the night apart from T and it brought a strange mix of emotions- an elated rush of freedom coexisted with an ever-present feeling of anxiety and loss.

Nevertheless, Seattle was the kind of experience I always imagined when envisioning my book tour. A fantastically interesting couple showed up, who had been friends with my in-laws for over forty years. An old acquaintance surprised me. Tyler Larsen, a crafting vixen (that’s us in the above pic) I blogged about when we were last on tour with Weezer in Denver, had moved to Seattle and came to the reading with friends.

A handful of us shared a wonderful Greek dinner after the show and I was able to enjoy the unexpected company of new friends. There are a lot of drawbacks to the traveling life. Right now, for instance, I’m so exhausted that my eyes look like Cheech Marin’s on a bad day. But things like a surprising dinner in a strange town and an opportunity to wear a raincoat in the summertime are sometimes enough to make me feel that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This graffiti was in a bathroom stall at Sea-Tac Airport. The Pacific Northwest even has progressive doggerel.


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  1. On Tyler’s recommendation I bought your book for a recent plane ride and did not put it down until I read the last chapter through tear soaked eyes. My daughter is a good judge of character and I am glad your paths crossed. You are to be commended for having the inner strength to bare your sole for all to judge.

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