The Tour Goes Kaboom


I’m writing this from my office perch here at home, where I am haunted by my still-packed suitcase and the piles of catch-up work staring me in the face. I ignored it all yesterday in favor of a day spent snuggling with T-Bone and grudgingly admiring Scott’s new car. That’ll teach me to leave town for five days.



The last stop of the tour was Houston, where my old friend Garrett Finney resides with his charming family. Garrett used to do interior design for NASA, but most recently he’s employed his mad skills creating The Cricket, an innovative camping trailer. Next to his office is John and Dee Dillman’s Kaboom Books, dubbed, “Houston’s most exhuberantly misanthropic used bookstore.” It was the perfect spot to see out my tour.


Dee threw me a beautiful party, complete with organic snow cones and cupcakes decorated to look like boobs with pasties. There was a wonderful crowd and the weather even cooperated in giving me a dramatic exit, punctuating my outdoor reading with thunder claps and sending everyone running inside for the signing.


I’ve been so touched by the friends who have showed up throughout the tour and offered me love, support and couches to crash on. In the case of Houston, I also got my first taste of friend pickles and a guided tour of the stunning Menil Collection by a four-year-old who taught me that nearly every Surrealist master work demands that one break out singing Beyonce. I wish I could always see art with such new eyes.

It has been a wild ride, but I look forward to settling back into some sort of routine. There are still a handful of Some Girls events in Los Angeles and San Francisco this month, in case you missed the first go-round.


One thought on “The Tour Goes Kaboom

  1. Hey JL! I hope your routine with the boys falls back into place with the quickness- I love that homecoming feeling.

    And, do my eyes deceive me, or is that a purple Bitchin’Camaro??? Duuuude.That’s fabulous no matter what the make a and model. Tell Scott kudos. I rented a silver muscle car (yes, A BC) my last Cali trip, and it was such a welcome change from my minivan. the pickup alone! Egads.

    All best, and so stoked to read the book- have it here in my nightstand queue. yeahh!!

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