A Good Night To Die


This weekend I went to San Francisco for Opium Magazine’s Literary Death Match at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts . You can read a great write-up of the night here.



After recording an interview with Rumpus Radio, Stephen Elliott and I joined my fabulous SF friends in the Yerba Buena Gardens for a picnic. I tried to bribe judge Daniel Hander (also known as Lemony Snicket) with spring rolls and vegan cookies. He was having none of it. Danica Suskin and Chris Marco took the pictures.


Then we all proceeded to the Death Match festivities. The judges for the night were Susie Bright, Daniel-I-Take-No-Bribes-Handler and gold-medal-winning figure skater Brian Boitano (I know, cool, right?). I wanted to ask Brian to take of his shoes and skate around with me in our socks, but I was too shy.

The event was hosted by Todd Zuniga and Elissa Bassist (who frenched all of the judges before the evening was through). I was competing against slam-poet Taylor Mali, hilarious storyteller/author Beth Lisick and out and out genius Daniel Alarcon. Friends, all I can say is I went down fighting and it was an honor.

Here is a pic of Beth and me, with Susie Bright in the background.


I love doing the Death Match and other events that merge literature and performance in fresh ways. Their website states that, “Our ultimate goal is to perform the Literary Death Match all over the world, and to continue to showcase literature as a brilliant, unstoppable medium.”

Hell, yeah.

3 thoughts on “A Good Night To Die

  1. as far as i’m concerned they met their goal. it was a brilliant unstoppable event and i’m so glad i was there to witness all that hilarity and greatness in one room. and it was wonderful to see you!

  2. It was a wonderful event and thank you for kicking off the event in great style (and very sportingly, choosing to go first). I’m excited to get your book and best of luck!

  3. Stella was a HUGE fan of the Series of Unfortuante Events books. If she knew you went on a picnic with Lemony Snicket she might fall over and die. She got to see him do a reading in LA when the last book came out, I have a great picture of those two together. 🙂

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