Blue Means Water



I visited Creativity Explored on my way out of San Francisco. It’s a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art. It might be one of my favorite places in the world. Just look at the studio space. A visit to Creativity Explored never fails to inspire me.

The exhibit I saw was curated by the artists themselves. It’s called “Where are We?” and it’s organized around the concept of maps. I love the experience of landing in an unfamiliar city and unfolding a map on the floor in front of me. I’ve wondered lately if Tariku will ever have to read a map or if he’ll grow up in a world where coordinates are simply dictated by a robot voice coming out of the GPS system.

The other day we were looking at the globe and I was explaining to him that blue means water. He says it over and over now. Blue. Water. Blue. Water.

At Creativity Explored, I fell in love with and purchased a painting called “Watery Places #2” by Mary Belknap. It brought to mind a book I’m currently obsessed with: Bluets by Maggie Nelson. I’m thinking a lot about blue lately.


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  1. love, love, love your new painting. it’s a GORGEOUS pick. i’m a big fan of creativity explored as well and we have a bunch of art from the artists there. xo.

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