Elvis is Alive


At the behest of everyone who sees me on a daily basis, I actually took a day off today. Promoting the book has been an amazing ride, but there’s an eternal to-do list that I never seem to make a dent in no matter how many hours I put in. Then there’s another suitcase to pack and another plane to catch. I’m starting to wake up feeling shaky and exhausted every morning.

So I flew with my pilot friend Colin to Temecula to look at vintage trailers. It seems as though the house has been shrinking lately, so Scott and I think that it would be a neat idea to move my office outside.


I love flying with Colin. It’s like driving a sports car through the sky. Unlike in a commercial jet, in the small plane, I feel the full impact of the fact that we’re flying. Flying. It’s miraculous.

We went to visit Dayton Taylor and had a blast perusing his awesome property. The sweetest little trailer called my name. So I bought it. It’s a 1955 Holiday Rambler dubbed by Dayton: “Elvis is Alive!”



Now we’re going to strip it, polish it, give it love and trick it out and in a couple of months I’ll have a new office. I’ll update you on the progress.

As far as days off go, it was grand. I don’t do it often, but I do it in style.


3 thoughts on “Elvis is Alive

  1. Hi-New here….found you from Julie’s blog. I love this post because we live in Temecula and I didn’t know about this place. How cool!! I wonder if I could turn one into an art studio…may have to go check them out…thanks!!

  2. Hello. I have been reading your book (I’m up to chapter 18 right now, where you’ve just gotten rid of Serena), and I just wanted to say that I think it is absolutely fascinating. I love it. I had heard about this Brunei “harem” situation years ago, when I saw some news report about it, after a couple of Playboy playmate (or they may have been Penthouse pets) came forward and talked about being hired for that. But your in-depth account is riveting. I can hardly put this down.

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