Heartfelt Haiku


My friend Julie Klausner offered a personalized dirty limerick to anyone who wrote a positive Amazon review for her book, I Don’t Care About Your Band. I’m not as funny as Julie, but I can console myself with the fact that I know enough to steal a good idea when I see one.

Give me a positive review on Amazon and tell me about it. I’ll write you your very own heartfelt haiku! Write one for Julie, too, and I’ll throw in a bonus syllable.

2 thoughts on “Heartfelt Haiku

  1. I specially ordered Some Girls through my local independent bookseller (who upon hearing what is was about were highly interested and ordered several more copies for the store) after I read your NYT piece last week. I like using Amazon for recommendations and to get an idea, fast, about books, authors, etc., but prefer to give my business to independents. I was disappointed then to discover that you must have made an Amazon purchase in order to write a review. I am a word-of-mouth recommender, but upon seeing your blog post said, ‘yeah, why don’t I post a review, seeing as how I just finished it last night?’ Boo to Amazon, though I can definitely understand their desire to make money. I guess it was naive of me to think I could participate and ‘use’ their services for nothing! But that’s a long-winded way to say, thanks for a great read, and a place where I CAN post something positive:) So here’s a haiku for you, instead…

    pages read so fast
    husband laughs at me, your book
    in my harem now

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