As Promised…


…here is a picture of Scott onstage in his kilt. The new fashion statement came about after he played Bonnaroo and it was about eighteen million degrees in the shade. He was complaining that it was too hot to wear pants but he didn’t like wearing shorts onstage. My suggestion for the rest of the blistering hot summer festival shows was to get a kilt. He didn’t feel comfortable sporting traditional tartan so we found an army green uber-tough kilt and it’s been a smash hit. Even Fergie complemented him on it. And really, what man wouldn’t wear a skirt if he knew it was going to merit some flattery from Fergie?

Ich War Luxus-Sklavin


I wanted to share this page of German press because FINALLY someone used that picture of me from when I made green deviled eggs to go with my neighbor’s Easter ham. I looked up the title of the article. It means “I Was a Luxury-Slave in a Sultan’s Harem.”

Well, who wasn’t a luxury slave at one time or another?

There are lots of reasons that I love my German publisher, not the least of which is that they’re springing for part of a little Euro press tour during the first week of August.

That’s right, folks. I’m taking my luxury-slave show on the road. I’ll be going to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bratislava and Hamburg.

I’m absolutely sick about leaving the baby. But Scott will be home from the Weezer tour that week, so we’ll be doing a little role reversal and he’ll get to be the literary husband instead of me being the rock wife. Kind of sucks for him because rock wife sounds way better. But seriously, how could I turn it down? It seemed too close to the dream come true category to let it pass by.

Weezer on the Water



I went with some of my closest, oldest friends and their kids to the Weezer show on the Williamsburg Waterfront last Friday. In the words of my friend’s ten-year-old, it was freakin’ phenomenal. The venue was magical and the kids gave the evening a whole new shine.


I also had a reunion with John Collins, a veteran of the Samuel’s Major Problems (the Richard Foreman play I acted in a million years ago) crew and now a formidable director in his own right.


My old boss from the world of high-fashion hairstyling showed up with his daughter as well. A bunch of disparate phases of my life were represented but it all made sense somehow, as parts of a whole. I spent years keeping everything compartmentalized, but publishing the memoir cured me of that. It’s been hard to weather the exposure of the past few months but it’s also been tremendously freeing. All of my life, past and present, can comfortably exist in the same room now. Even better if that room is the backstage area of a Weezer show.

Here’s a video of Tariku rocking out to “If You’re Wondering if I Want You To I Want You To.” For those of you who are obsessed enough with how adorable he is to watch it through to the end, he gets upset because the giant beach balls bouncing through the crowd are out of reach. Just when you think life is nothing but a party, it all suddenly gets so cruel.

If you’re reading this on facebook or RSS feed, you’re gonna have to get your tush over to to see the outrageous cuteness.

Also- I promise soon to post a shot of Scott in the kilt he’s been wearing on stage, because he looks HOT.

Last Chance(s)


I’m participating in four L.A. area events in the next two weeks and after that I’m taking the post-its out of my copy of Some Girls and putting it on the shelf for a while. I’m reading with some great people, so if you haven’t come to see me read yet and are looking for a fun night out, I’d love to see you at one or all of them. You can look at my facebook events page for complete details.

The first is this Friday at 7pm at Laguna Beach Books. I’ll be reading with Shawna Kenney, Cara Bruce, Shira Tarrant and other fantastic authors who contributed to the Robot Hearts anthology.

This Saturday I’ll be taking the 7:20pm slot at the 24 Hour Literary Marathon. All L.A. based poets, writers, and muscians are invited to help celebrate The Writers Junction shift to 24-hour access. There are still some slots left so get on board. Bonus- I’ll have the baby with me because I couldn’t find a sitter. He always spices up any party.

Next Thursday the 29th at 7pm, I’ll be reading at the Little Birds series at Tavin Boutique in Echo Park, with the fabulous Janelle Brown and Mandy Kahn.

Finally, I’ll be reading at the sixth anniversary of Vermin on the Mount on Sunday August 1st, 8pm at The Mountain Bar. Also reading will be Aaron Burch, Amelia Gray, Lindsay Hunter and Adam Novy.

The picture above is from the reading I did in NY last week at Rachel Kramer Bussel’s In The Flesh. It was a great crowd and the other readers were outrageous. It was particularly fun to meet the very talented Twanna A. Hines, who had interviewed me for SMITH Magazine the week before. I also really enjoyed the fact that Jo Weldon got her editor’s assistant to participate in a pastie demonstration.


In the Flesh readers from left to right are Jo Weldon, Rachel Shukert, Kevin Allison, moi, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Twanna A. Hines and Jerry Portwood.


City at Night


We try to keep Tariku on West Coast time when we travel, so we’re often faced with the unique problem of trying to find something to do with an energetic two-year-old at midnight (never fails to draw dirty looks from judgmental strangers). Two nights ago, we came up with the genius idea of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and back. Tariku was so mesmerized by the spectacular view that he walked smack into a cable and bloodied his lip but he’s used to it. He gets a bloody lip about once a week. Other than that, it was fantastic.