As Promised…


…here is a picture of Scott onstage in his kilt. The new fashion statement came about after he played Bonnaroo and it was about eighteen million degrees in the shade. He was complaining that it was too hot to wear pants but he didn’t like wearing shorts onstage. My suggestion for the rest of the blistering hot summer festival shows was to get a kilt. He didn’t feel comfortable sporting traditional tartan so we found an army green uber-tough kilt and it’s been a smash hit. Even Fergie complemented him on it. And really, what man wouldn’t wear a skirt if he knew it was going to merit some flattery from Fergie?

5 thoughts on “As Promised…

  1. I’m down with the kilt for sure. I have a friend who now wears a LOIN CLOTH and the kilt was a gateway garment to that, so there is that (not that a loin cloth is bad….it’s just very loin clothy and kind of hard to get used to hanging out with someone who is wearing one.) 🙂

  2. Okay, I can’t believe this post hasn’t received any comments! I mean REALLY….this is HOT!! And I”m not telling you something you don’t already know;) You two are such trendsetters. I am sure 2010 will see a surge of pussy tattoos and guys wearing tough lookin” kilts. Rock On!!

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