City at Night


We try to keep Tariku on West Coast time when we travel, so we’re often faced with the unique problem of trying to find something to do with an energetic two-year-old at midnight (never fails to draw dirty looks from judgmental strangers). Two nights ago, we came up with the genius idea of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and back. Tariku was so mesmerized by the spectacular view that he walked smack into a cable and bloodied his lip but he’s used to it. He gets a bloody lip about once a week. Other than that, it was fantastic.


2 thoughts on “City at Night

  1. I would prolly look at you funny if I saw you forcing your kiddo to walk across the BB (and back!) at midnight. I’m thinking The Judgemental Strangers will be a great name for my band that I’m sure to never start, lol. The cable/bloody lip story reminds of being 15 and in Chicago for the first time. I couldn’t stop looking up in amazement at all the gorgeous buildings—my bf walked behind me and tugged on my shirt to keep me from running into people and poles. I love T’s fingers in that pic above—he looks truly awestruck (and adorable, as always.) ~ xo!

  2. Jillian, the walk on the Brooklyn Bridge was inspired. I am glad that all went well for the most part. Little Tariku sounds about as graceful as I am, bless his heart! Thanks for sharing your story. Ardee-ann

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