Ich War Luxus-Sklavin


I wanted to share this page of German press because FINALLY someone used that picture of me from when I made green deviled eggs to go with my neighbor’s Easter ham. I looked up the title of the article. It means “I Was a Luxury-Slave in a Sultan’s Harem.”

Well, who wasn’t a luxury slave at one time or another?

There are lots of reasons that I love my German publisher, not the least of which is that they’re springing for part of a little Euro press tour during the first week of August.

That’s right, folks. I’m taking my luxury-slave show on the road. I’ll be going to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bratislava and Hamburg.

I’m absolutely sick about leaving the baby. But Scott will be home from the Weezer tour that week, so we’ll be doing a little role reversal and he’ll get to be the literary husband instead of me being the rock wife. Kind of sucks for him because rock wife sounds way better. But seriously, how could I turn it down? It seemed too close to the dream come true category to let it pass by.

5 thoughts on “Ich War Luxus-Sklavin

  1. oh, bratislava! my husband’s spent many months there, and i got to tag along one time. it’s a small city, but very charming. have fun!

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