Weezer on the Water



I went with some of my closest, oldest friends and their kids to the Weezer show on the Williamsburg Waterfront last Friday. In the words of my friend’s ten-year-old, it was freakin’ phenomenal. The venue was magical and the kids gave the evening a whole new shine.


I also had a reunion with John Collins, a veteran of the Samuel’s Major Problems (the Richard Foreman play I acted in a million years ago) crew and now a formidable director in his own right.


My old boss from the world of high-fashion hairstyling showed up with his daughter as well. A bunch of disparate phases of my life were represented but it all made sense somehow, as parts of a whole. I spent years keeping everything compartmentalized, but publishing the memoir cured me of that. It’s been hard to weather the exposure of the past few months but it’s also been tremendously freeing. All of my life, past and present, can comfortably exist in the same room now. Even better if that room is the backstage area of a Weezer show.

Here’s a video of Tariku rocking out to “If You’re Wondering if I Want You To I Want You To.” For those of you who are obsessed enough with how adorable he is to watch it through to the end, he gets upset because the giant beach balls bouncing through the crowd are out of reach. Just when you think life is nothing but a party, it all suddenly gets so cruel.

If you’re reading this on facebook or RSS feed, you’re gonna have to get your tush over to jillianlauren.com to see the outrageous cuteness.

Also- I promise soon to post a shot of Scott in the kilt he’s been wearing on stage, because he looks HOT.

4 thoughts on “Weezer on the Water

  1. I LOVE this video!!! T is so cute singing along, and you look like you are literally BURSTING with joy. It’s a lovely sight. Too bad the beach ball was out of reach but you two still look like you are having an amazing time. I feel all warm and fuzzy watching this:)

  2. Oh, great video Jillian! We’re digging on T’s orange western shirt with pearl snaps- super stylee boy!

  3. Your little boy is so cute… same age as mine I think? I have been following your blog ever since I heard you on Judith Reagan and on “Here’s Barbara” on Sirius. I loved your book and can’t wait for the next one. You’ve inspired me to start writing my memoir and after 35 years I finally decided to get a tattoo! Have fun in Europe!

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