A New Tattoo


I’ve been a blog slacker lately. Scott has been on tour and things always get uber-hectic around here when daddy is gone. Plus I’ve had novel revisions due and an icepick through the eye headache.

Tariku’s new favorite thing is to give me tattoos. In this picture it’s just bath crayon but he’s given me a few with markers too, and I dig wearing them around. They’re like an honor badge or a baby love note.

One of the reasons I’ve been a blog slacker is that as the publicity for Some Girls quiets down, I’m moving back into a quieter and more creative space. Tariku gives me a new tattoo every day and I feel that it’s emblematic of my mindset. My mind is dipping into different project ideas; I’m playing with different work patterns. I’ve been in the same mode for years now and I’m ready to shake things up a bit.

So I think I’ll wash my current tattoo away before I head off to do press in Europe tomorrow, but it’ll still be there in spirit: the constantly shifting tattoo, the endless palette of possibilities.

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