Andrew Solomon at The Moth


As someone who’s struggled with depression my whole life, I’ve followed Andrew Solomon’s work with great interest. His depression tome, The Noonday Demon, had a lot to do with me brokering some kind of accord with the beast.

My guilty pleasure these days is listening in the car to podcasts of the storytelling series The Moth, so I was excited to see Solomon’s name pop up on my iPod. I wasn’t disappointed. I found it so moving that I had to pull the car over. It’s called “The Refugees” and it’s about his meeting with a Cambodian woman who undertook a grassroots effort to help depressed women who, like herself, had survived the Khmer Rouge.

I’m not sure how to link to it, but you can find the episode on iTunes. Listen to it. It’ll change your day.

3 thoughts on “Andrew Solomon at The Moth

  1. Andrew is an astonishing writer and a wonderful character. Thanks for the reco; I, too, adored that book, and that section about the Cambodian woman stopped me in my tracks for days.

  2. If you can’t find it on Itunes if you subscribe to The Moth RSS feed you can go back and find it that way. It’s how I listen and that was a really excellent piece.

  3. i cried and cried in the car listening to that story. . . love the podcast. (p.s. just finished you’re book, took a day and a half, couldn’t put it down! thanks:)

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