Hollywood 411

My friend Anne Alderete just put together this piece for the TV Guide Channel. All that AND she’s a terrific cook.

It airs tonight at 8 on Hollywood 411, but you saw it here first, folks. Doesn’t Scott look cute?

2 thoughts on “Hollywood 411

  1. Very well put together and you and Scott look great! It’s funny how you might be cross country from where I live, you married to a rock star and… I’m not, then again our lives are so similar in very different ways, if that makes any sense…

  2. you are so inspiring! thank you for getting your story out there, and for being the amazing person you are. i started reading your blog when you came through san francisco and it was linked in the ybca site, and am addicted. good luck with all that you do, and thank you again for sharing your incredible stories.

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