I Have a Crush on Amsterdam


Being an author in Europe rocks. I’m buzzing with the beautiful night walk back from dinner, the streetlights reflecting off the canals and the dance music from the various Gay Pride parties giving the whole city a celebratory atmosphere. I love Amsterdam. I love the water and the houses and my hotel and and the museums and the cafes and the bookstores and the chocolate and the fashion and the people. I love the grubby little backpackers at the train station and the beautiful Dutch women riding bicycles in high heeled boots.


I also love my publicist and my editor and the folks at my publishing house (pictured with me above). I have half a mind to go home, kidnap my husband and child and bring them here to be cute and wear clogs and ride bicycles together forever.


As it is, I’ll have to settle for one more day. Tomorrow is my day off, then it’s on to Bratislava and the next adventure. But for tonight I’ll just let myself have a crush on Amsterdam.

One thought on “I Have a Crush on Amsterdam

  1. We loooooooove Amsterdamn! We canceled a week in Paris to spend a second week in A-dam. And we’ve spent years fantasizing about going back to be cute, ride bikes, and live the gezellig life forever. I’m sure you’ve already got plans for your day off, but if you have a chance, and you love a steam/sauna/cold plunge like we do, you should definitely consider checking out Deco. It’s the most amazing place ever and it’s right in the middle of town, so an hour in there is easy to sneak in amongst other fun stuffs. Fenomeen is another steam/sauna spa w/a little yummy vegan snack bar. It’s a totally different vibe from Deco which is all gorgeous pink marble and gold and green ferns. Fenomeen is attached to the (nevermind, it’s closed for holiday.) Here’s a link for Deco, it really, really is worth a stop in because it is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen. Plus, you can steam and swim! http://www.saunadeco.nl/faciliteiten2.html Whatever you do, have soooo much fun! xo!

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