At Least I’ve Got a Cute Guy


I’m not feeling like blogging much right now because I’m coming close to the finish line (I hope) with my novel revisions, which looks like this: hating writing, hating myself, despising the book, considering the culinary academy, wondering if there might yet be a career for me as a bluegrass singer in spite of my lack of ability to generate harmonies, praying my new migraine medication works better than the last, etc., etc.

Every day I find an urgent reason to do some new bit of gruesome research. For instance, today I learned that, facing the imminent fall of Berlin, Joseph and Magda Goebbels killed all six of their children before killing themselves. How did I come across this charming tidbit? Why, while looking for a nickname for one of my characters, of course.

I’m a real peach to be around right now. Good thing I’ve got such a cute guy, for whom divorce would be way too expensive. Photographer Matt Hoyle’s assistant sent me this pic of the hubby today and it cheered me up. Thought I’d share.

2 thoughts on “At Least I’ve Got a Cute Guy

  1. I’m hoping that you’ll take all the love from your family, friends, and fans as proof that you are quite lovable AND talented. Breathe in slowly and deeply through the nose…hold…breathe out slowly from the mouth. Pause, repeat.

  2. That’s a cool photo of Scott. He looks so pensive and smart! *and ditto what Karin said. I’m planning to move to her town just so I can have her be my therapist!*

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