Best. Video. Ever.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this video before, but I think I’ll just post it every day fron now until the apocalypse, because I love it so much. Parents with challenging hair-detangling duties, take note. This video works like a charm, if you can master the art of combing the hair of a toddler who’s headbanging.

My favorite part is when Animal is singing, “Mamaaaaaa, yoooohooooo!” If my kid were a muppet, that would be him right there. Which muppet is your kid?

2 thoughts on “Best. Video. Ever.

  1. I am in total agreement that is the best video ever!!!! I love when Electric Mayhem rocks out and then Miss Piggy at the end “nothing really matters but moi.” They remind me of my kids the most because they both love to dance and are egocentric (but then again thats probably all kids).

  2. We played this for the kids yesterday and they loved it. This morning when Finn woke up he shouted, “Mamaaaaaaa…Mamaaaaaaa…Dadda?” Made getting up not so bad.

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