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This is an experiment for me, as I’ve never done a giveaway before. But it’s back-to-school week and as good a time as any to break out of my blog rut. My most fashionable friend, Goth glitterati extraordinaire Clint Catalyst, is celebrating the tenth anniversary of his wonderful book, Cottonmouth Kisses and I have a copy to give to a lucky reader. The back cover copy reads:

With wicked sarcasm and brilliant agility, Catalyst shreds the surface of all his many subjects- gay relationships, backwater adolescence and spiraling addiction- and ignites a bonfire of personal honesty.

And I think y’all know how I feel over here about bonfires of personal honesty. Burn, baby, burn.

Go to Clint’s website and then leave a comment here telling me for what event you would most like to have Clint pick out your outfit. I’ll draw a name at random and announce the winner later this week.

7 thoughts on “Cottonmouth Kisses Giveaway

  1. I would like to have Clint pick out my birthday outfit! I love extravagant clothes and would like to make an entrance that makes my friends’ jaws drop 🙂

  2. I already have a copy, but I’d want Clint to style me for my upcoming gig at a pizza parlour in Pomona. That, or the wonderful faery gathering. Decisions, decisions!

  3. I want Clint to choose my outfit for next year’s Academy Awards. Not that I’m going or anything, but a girl can dream.

  4. I’m just a 41-year-old mother from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who lives vicariously through the LA scenester lives of my LA “Facebook Friends.” My dream event that I would have Clint pick an outfit for me, would probably be some horror or Halloweeen themed LA event that involved dancing, a dj playing goth or industrial music or a live industrial music band like Covenant or Skinny Puppy (since this is my dream scenario), other LA scenesters that I’d love to meet, and interviews being conducted by Damiana Garcia 🙂
    I would love to win Clint’s book 😉 Thanks!

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