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I said in my last post that if something doesn’t directly involve my career, my baby or my marriage, it generally doesn’t make it onto my to-do list. Unfortunately, even that’s been too broad lately and the frenetic pace of the summer has caused our marriage to take a back seat to parenting and careers. It seems like every conversation we have lately involves dragging our laptops onto the kitchen table and comparing calendars, and that’s during the rare days that we’re in the same city.

But the fall will find us mostly in L.A and we’ve resolved make “date night” happen more often. The fact that we’ve become the kind of people who say things like “date night” makes me want to cringe, but it’s nothing that a little Mongolian BBQ can’t cure.

For our first date night (there I go again) we went to Gobi Mongolian BBQ in Silverlake. Mostly because for seven years I’ve been hearing Scott wax sentimental about the old Mongolian BBQ in Hollywood that he used to eat at as a student in music school- the one with the health code violations so egregious that it wound up on the local news. The above picture is of Scott looking extremely happy that we found a health code compliant alternative to his old haunt.

Then we went to see the very funny Mary Lyn Rajskub’s one-woman show, Mary Lynn Spreads Her Legs, at the Steve Allen Theater. And just when you thought date night was over…. we got totally crazy and popped by the birthday party of my old Velvet Hammer buddies, the eternally young and gorgeous Poubelle Twins. Here’s a pic of me and Barbara (Bibi).


And if I happen to be blogging about going to see a lot of theater in the next few months, that might give you a clue as to what I’m writing next. But on that subject, I shall say no more. Because nothing will kill new writing faster than talking about it too much.

Our first date night was an unmitigated success. I’ll continue to let you know how becoming the kind of people who say things like “date night” works for us.

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  1. Ooh–a book by you about theater! I am looking forward to this but will not ask any questions–so that you can stay inspired and write it.

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